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Borger: Borger: Adobe Walls Lecture & Tour

September 29, 2012 (All day)

Dr. Paul Carlson speaking on the book he co-authored with Tom Crum, "Myth Memory and Massacre" about the recapture of Cynthia Ann Parker, mother of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker. "Myth, Memory, and Massacre" dispels much of the legend and lore of the infamous event and adds new dimensions to the question of what constitutes reliable knowledge. Dr. Carlson is professor emeritus of the History Department at Texas Tech University. He has published numerous books including The Plains Indians, Myth, Memory and Massacre, a biography of William Henry Bush, and Deep Time, geologic and natural history of the Southern Plains and others. He is a Life Director of the West Texas Historical Association and a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association. Dr. Holle Humphries will speak about the Quanah Parker Trail and the trail of arrows throughout the region. The Trail is a project of the Texas Plains Trail Region to document and mark the sites of travel and events surrounding Quanah Parker, Comanche and allied tribes living in the region. Dr. Humphries holds a Ph.D. from Texas Tech and is an educator, artist, author, consultant in textbook and curriculum development, and exhibit and graphic designer. Her experience ranges from teaching art K-12 to serving as a Professor of Art Education at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Jeff Indeck will speak on the battle at the 1874 site. Dr. Indeck joined the staff of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in September 1997, as Curator of Archeology. Dr. Indek has a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Colorado and has served as adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Wichita state University. He has a diverse background in archeololgy, paleontology, geology and biology. As an archeological consultant for more 20 years, he performed field work for numerous archeological and paleontological studies. His most recent work includes archeological surveys and excavations in Oklahoma, Kansas and in Dallam and Hartley Counties. He has also taught university courses in archeology and geology, as well as cultural and biological anthropology. Alvin Lynn will speak on the 1864 battle. He is at present, working with Texas Tech Press in publishing a book on Kit Carson's 1864 Adobe Walls Campaign. One of his many projects - He has mapped the trails used by Kit Carson in his march along the Canadian River from Fort Bascom, N.M., to Adobe Walls. He graduated from West Texas State University with bachelor of science and master of science degrees in geology. He taught for 31 years in the public schools. His name is a household name in the history and geology circles as an author, presenter, and researcher Alvin serves as steward for the Texas Historical Commission and received volunteer of the year award in 1998. He is a member of Panhandle Archeology Society, Texas Archeology Society and Santa Fe Organization. Archaeology and history have been a lifelong interest to Alvin. He has been involved in many archeology projects through the Texas Panhandle, both prehistoric and historic. Special thanks to our Trek sponsors: Hutchinson County Commissioners Court, Friends of the Museum, City of Borger, and Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.

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