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Claude: Claude: The Inner City All Stars

April 6, 2013 - 7:30pm to 10:30pm

The Inner City All-Stars from Dallas, Texas exist to entertain, educate, and energize new life into the jazz experience, fusing eclectic music and a fresh interpretation of the traditional brass band. YOU. WILL. NOT. STOP. DANCING. The best part about living in the 2000s is the different genres of music that smash like atoms, creating a brilliant flash of energy. Such is the genesis of the Inner City All Stars, who slam together old-school funk, New Orleans jazz, DC GO-GO, rap from back in the day and blaxploitation wah-wah rock into one big booty-shakin' jam. - Jonanna Widner, Dallas Observer


  • 121 N. Trice St
  • Claude, Texas
  • 79019


  • Contact:
    Armstrong County Museum
  • Phone:
  • Visit Website


  • Adults $10; K-12 $3

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