Texas Plains Trail Region

Participant in the Texas Historical Commission's
Texas Heritage Trails Program

Dumas: Dumas: Amy Winton Reception

October 27, 2013 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

From earliest childhood I have been drawn to the countryside. Wilderness began for me as soon as I stepped off the road into forest or meadow, the trappings of civilization melted away into textures of ferns, light on a rock wall, the form of a tree against the sky, the colors in a shadow and the elements that determined the atmosphere through which I looked. I would draw constantly to record special discoveries. Pastels and the plains of Texas came into my experience at the same time. I like the immediacy of the pigment on paper. Controlling the texture of the paper and layering the pigment allows the translucent quality of the colors to best imitate the sparkle of natural light. I am compelled to reproduce the vision of what is open, vast, unsullied and wild in order to preserve the sense of wonder and gratitude I feel at each encounter.


  • 1810 S. Dumas Ave
  • Dumas, Texas
  • 79029


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