Texas Plains Trail Region

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Historic Hotels and Lodging

Gage Hotel, Marathon


Nothing beats a good night's sleep followed by a full day's worth of adventure. It's why we travel. Roadside accommodations are part of the program for Texas travelers and many opt for the standard interstate fare. But tucked into the byways of communities all across Texas, travelers will find sophisticated hotels that were once the favored meeting place of area ranchers, swanky motor courts recalling the heyday of early automobile travel, and charming overnight gems ready and waiting with soft pillows on big brass beds, the flutter of curtains against an antique windowpane, the cool, rural night air, and a proper, homemade breakfast by morning.

These distinctive accommodations also come with a slice of history, having once served as private homes, rooming houses, railroad hotels, ranch homes, villas, and caravansaries, and all are owned or managed by friendly, fellow Texans. You won't find a generic in the bunch-each one has its own story to tell. So stretch out your travel-weary bones, relax, and have a listen. You might end up wanting to stay awhile.

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