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Red River War

Hutchinson County Museum exhibit, Borger
Hutchinson County Museum exhibit, Borger


The series of military engagements between the U.S. and Native American warriors that took place between June of 1874 and spring of 1875 shed much blood on behalf of our Texas settlements. By breaking from its obligations set by the 1867 Treaty of Medicine Lodge, the federal government ignited a powder keg of deceit and disillusion that would define the period. Kiowa, Comanche, Arapaho, and Cheyenne died alongside Texas rangers, cavalry, and infantry in the final battles that would ultimately subjugate our Native plains tribes and exterminate the southern buffalo herds forever. The brutality with which each side fought still echo in the embattled corners of our state and their pastoral place names belie the sacrifices made for country, duty, and a lost way of life. Adobe Walls, Palo Duro, Caprock Canyons, and McClellan Creek stand in testimony to a battle begun on a broken pretense of peace and that ended, tragically and irreversibly, with the termination of an era.

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